Join our Network:

If you like our services and would like to benefit from them or have suggestions in how we can improve, please join our network. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Network Meetings:

Encompass Network conducted a Needs Assessment of the LGBT community in Cambridge and surrounding areas. The assessment brings together key findings and recommendations from survey data and focus groups that were held throughout the year 2014.

In response to the identified needs within the LGBT community, we organise Networking Meetings with the LGBT community and public sector, business and voluntary and community sector organisations. The meetings enable these organisations to liaise with one another around specific topics, have their voices heard, and coordinate relevant actions in response to needs in the community.

Check the calendar for upcoming networking meetings.

Organisational Support:

Encompass Network provides organisational support for LGBT voluntary and community sector organisations and initiatives. Two recent examples of particularly promising initiatives that we are supporting are Queers in Shorts and the Pink Festival. Your idea might of course not be quite as ambitious – or of course maybe even more so. We are interested to hear from you to find out how we can support you.

For example, we provide support through:

  • the “Compot” in form of small start-up funding for community actions,
  • advice on organisational development,
  • representation of the sector to public sector, business and the wider public
  • and links to suitable funding schemes and help with applications.

To find out more about funding avenues go to: http://www.grantfinder.co.uk/ or use the LGBT Consortium Funder Finder Tool: http://www.lgbtconsortium.org.uk/funderfinder. Encompass Network aims to keep its members informed of funding opportunities locally.