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About us

Encompass Network / About us


EN developed out of a training and development project, funded by Stonewall and led by DHIVERSE and the Cambridge Volunteer Centre in 2002. Following this, an informal LGBTQ+ network formed and met over a two-year period.  To facilitate the development of the network as an independent umbrella body, DHIVERSE secured funding from Cambridge City Council on behalf of the steering group and EN was formally incorporated and registered as a charity in 2006.

Since then we have developed our role and built a recognised and respected presence in Cambridgeshire, and Cambridge City in particular. This has included coordinating the annual LBGTQ+ History Month events and undertaking and following up on needs assessments for the LGBTQ+ community, including a new 2021 needs assessment we are currently working on.

The context within which we work remain challenging and therefore, in preparing this strategy we have taken the opportunity to take stock and explore new ideas for how EN’s activities can develop and growth to make a bigger impact for LGBTQ+ communities in Cambridgeshire. The 2014 needs assessment had figured particularly strongly in this process.


Encompass Network promotes a better quality of life for LGBTQ+ people in Cambridgeshire by enabling networking and capacity building for the LGBTQ+ voluntary and community sector.

Our vision is for LBGTQ+ people in Cambridgeshire to have a strong sense of identity and a good quality of life (being included, safe and free from discrimination), supported by a vibrant, confident and effective LGBTQ+ voluntary and community sector.


Encompass Network seeks to be an inclusiveparticipatory network for LGBTQ+ people and groups in Cambridgeshire.  In our support to the LGBTQ+ voluntary and community sector we aim to:

  • Promote justice for LGBTQ+ people
  • Be proactive and intelligent in identifying and responding to unmet needs
  • Value diversity and act fairly
  • Be committed to community involvement