encompassnetwork.org.uk|LGBTQ+ Creative Writing Competition 2020 Winners

LGBTQ+ Creative Writing Competition 2020 Winners

February 2020 saw, amongst an astonishing array of events, our inaugural Encompass Network LGBTQ+ Creative Writing Competition. We had a stunning selection of entries, and the judges were very keen to point out at our prize ceremony that it was very hard for them to choose just two winners in each category! Today we are proud to publish the winning entries! Please click the titles below (written in blue) to read the stories and poems.

We are very grateful to the Kite Trust and Cambridge University Press for sponsoring our first ever LGBTQ+ Writing Competition – it was a massive success, and we’re so glad everyone involved had such a great time. Watch this space for news of when our next competition might be…

encompassnetwork.org.uk | LGBTQ+ Creative Writing Competition 2020 Winners
Image description: photos of the prize ceremony and the winners with their certificates and the judges


Winner: ‘Beginning a New End’ by David Stickland

Runner-up: “My name is Bruno” by Maia Z

Open Poetry: 

Winner: ‘The Devil’s Droppings’ by Alison Binney

Runner-up: ‘Colour Contest’ by Nigel Tetley

Open Short Stories:

Winner: ‘Why’ by Ed Carter

Runner-up: ‘Moving On’ by Les Brookes