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Safer Spaces For Businesses

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What benefits are there for businesses and other organisations to sign up to Safer Spaces?

  • You will have happy customers. LGBT people tend to have a 23% higher purchasing power than the average salary. But even better, 74% of LGBT people and 42% of the rest of the population are more likely to spend money in places that they believe to be ‘gay-friendly’ (YouGov).
  • You can use our logo for advertisement and we will also add you to a list of ‘gay-friendly’ places.
  • Prominent space is available in our publications to promote your business.
  • Once a year, we award a prize to the business or organisation that has tried particularly innovative approaches to fulfil their pledge, or that has been commended by customers through our feedback option on this website.
  • You’re never alone: we provide you with simple advice, training and check list guidance to help you fulfil your diversity and equality pledge.
  • We facilitate discussion with other organisations and businesses about your practical experience of implementing Safer Spaces. By listening to others you can learn from each other and also tell us how we can further improve the scheme, for example when new members are joining.
  • LGBT people are about one in ten in the general population. Your LGBT staff (group) can access our Compot to organise community events and turn other ideas into realities.

Are you interested in taking part in the Safer Spaces Campaign?

We have just finished the pilot phase of of the project, with Cambridge City Council and a small number of independent businesses. This has allowed us to identify implementation issues and experiences in different business and public sector organisations, and we are now opening up the scheme to the wider public.

If you would like to participate in the next phase of the Safer Spaces Campaign, just get in touch! You can direct your questions and comments to

We are collecting all sort of feedback about the treatment of members of LGBT community in businesses and organisations that are displaying our logo. We hope of course that the information and training that we provide will allow you to successfully implement your pledge to provide a safe space for members of the LGBT community. We understand that this is not always easy and that individual experiences can differ. We will work with your organisation to address potential short-comings when these are brought to our attention by members of the community. Please be aware that hate crime is an offence that can be flagged up with the police by any member of the public. Should offences be known to us or negative behaviour is consistent we will revoke our logo from your organisation.