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Queer qandī Journeys and Destinations film fest (program)

Encompass network / Queer qandī Journeys and Destinations film fest (program)

Encompass Network is proud to once again partner up with QTI Coalition of Colour, this time to present queer qandī Journeys and Destinations film fest. An online film festival with films from South West Asia and North Africa with a particular focus on the issues of movement and migration. The festival will take place on 9-18th October 2020 and free tickets will be available during this period on Eventbrite. In addition to the film screenings, there will be online panels with filmmakers, activists and scholars. To find out more about the events and the films scroll down or please visit the festival page:

Queer qandī Journeys and Destinations film fest
Queer qandī Journeys and Destinations film fest

queer qandī film fest 9-18 October 2020 from queer qandī film fest on Vimeo.

The festival has been made possible thanks to the collaboration with ‘Queer’ AsiaThe Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement and lgbtQ+@CAM at the University of Cambridge and with sponsorship from National Lottery’s 25th Anniversary.

Event Programme 15, 17-18 October 2020

  • 15 October 19-20.30 BST, Scriptwriting workshop for LGBTQI+ youth
  • 17 October 13:00-13:45 BST, Conversation and Q&A with İris Mozalar, cast Iris (Dir. Volkan Güleryüz) on Instagram Live
  • 17 October 15:00-15:45 BST, Conversation and Q&A with Joseph Gebrael, choreographer & director Houwa (Dir. Joseph Gebrael & Andrew Gebrael) on Instagram Live
  • 17 October 17.00-18:30 BST, Panel discussion: Erasure, Resurrection and Movement – Queer Migrations in and from SWANA.  Chair: Dr Leila Mukhida, University of Cambridge, UK. Panellist: Dr Sabiha Allouche, Lecturer in Middle East Politics, University of Exeter, UK; Robert Moussa, festival director, Soura film festival, Germany; Mahtab Pishghadam, film director, Iran and Lola Silva, international media researcher and co-founder of International Feminist Art Festival – Chouftouhonna in Tunisia.
  • 18 October 13:00-13:45 BST, Conversation and Q&A with Mouaad el Salem, director, This day won’t last 2020 on Instagram Live.
  • 18 October 15:00-15:45 BST, Conversation and Q&A with Weema Askri, General coordinator of Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival, Tunisia on Instagram Live.
  • 18 October 17.00-18:30 BST, Panel discussion: Imagining queer futures for SWANA. Chair: Jade Pollard-Crowe, artist and activist. Panellists: Selim Mourad, film director, Lebanon; Ghadir Shaif, festival director, Kooz Queer Film Festival, Palestine; Dr Sima Shakhsari, University of Minnesota, US and Ümit Ünal, film director, Turkey.

Film Programme 9-18 October 2020

  • Barbo, Turkey, Nicolas Jakubiak
  • Collage, Iran, Sadeq Es-haqi
  • Explicit, Iran, Farshad Bagheri
  • Hard Shadow, Iran, Neda Khanifar
  • Houwa, Lebanon, Joseph Gebrael & Andrew Gebrael
  • Inside…, Iran, Seyed Abdolrahim Ghatali
  • Iris, Turkey, Volkan Güleryüz
  • Once I Tried to Kiss, Turkey, Sena Özaydın & Bengisu Şimşek
  • Our Pain, Iran, Mahtab Pishghadam
  • Reza’s wish, Iran, Saeid Nemati
  • The Sea Runs Through Our Veins, Germany, Zara Zandieh
  • This day won’t last, Tunisia, Mouaad el Salem
  • Wild Grass, Turkey, Doğuş Minsin
  • Until the morning, Israel, Itay Akirav
  • Haki Fadi, Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration, Palestine/UK (‘Queer’ Asia Package)
  • Le Coup, Jacquline Nassour, Lebanon (‘Queer’ Asia Package)
  • The Little Father Obsession, Selim Mourad, Lebanon (‘Queer’ Asia Package)