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queer qandī fest

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queer qandī fest was an art and activism festival celebrating queers of colour, envisioning queer futures, highlighting creative forces and creating new narratives and representations, a four-day festival with talks, workshops, film screenings, club event and art exhibition.

The festival reached out to more than 300 people and allowed for validation and acknowledgement for experiences which are often marginalised in LGBTQ+ movement, especially here in Cambridge. Visitors and participants expressed that they had for the first time felt a sense of community.

Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa in conversation with Alex Leon.

Illustrations by Ornella Ospino.

“Queer Safer Spaces”

Our sponsors and partners

queer qandī fest is a community project by QTI Coalition of Colour and funded by LGBT Consortium the National Lottery’s Community Fund and made possible by generous donations from Qweirdos and Sofar Sounds Cambridge and in partnership with lgbtQ+@cam, Qweirdo, Waterstones, Cambridge Junction and Queers in Shorts.