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The Pink Guide

Encompass network / The Pink Guide

Featured imageWelcome to the Pink Guide to Cambridge. This guide is to inform people about services and support available for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community living in and around Cambridge City.

Cambridge has a vibrant and diverse community with many local organisations offering a wide range of services to meet the needs of all.

This page is divided into sections to help the reader find the information they are after with as much ease as possible. There are links to local LGB&T organisations, other local organisations which could be of use and national LGB&T websites and services.

As you will see from this page there is a whole host of organisations who can help support and service the community but if there is something missing that you would like information or guidance on do get in touch with us at and we will do our best to find it!

Young People
The Kite Trust

We are Cambridgeshire’s leading organisation working with LGBT+ young people.

We are proud to promote the health, well-being, and inclusion of LGBT+ young people across Cambridgeshire; raising awareness, supporting, and educating our local communities.

(01223) 369508

Centre 33

If you are a young person in Cambridgeshire up to the age of 25 and you want some information, advice or support, Centre 33 can help.  No matter how big or how small a problem you have, they are there to help.  They are used to talking to young people about all sorts of issues, including housing, sexual health, family problems, bullying – whatever is on your mind, it’s always OK to talk about it with them.

01223 316488


CUSU LBGT+ is a group which aims to support the needs of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender students at Cambridge University.

The Campaign offers help and support for LBGT students, providing support and information on sexual health, coming out and religious issues.


Youthoria is the Connexions website for young people aged 11 to 19 in Cambridgeshire.  The site has gone through a number of transitions over the years but the original aims of providing young people with accurate, unbiased information and enabling them to take an active part in the decisions that affect their lives remain its main purpose.

Older People
Sister Act Over 50+ Group
A networking group for lesbians over the age of 50. They meet on a monthly basis and enjoy a variety of activities including pub lunches, boat trips, visits to tea rooms, museums and more. Plus occasional evening events including film (DVD) evenings at someone’s house.

National LGBT Organisations Supporting Older Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender People in London

Age Concern LGBT

LGBT Families
Sister Act
Fostering and Adoption Service

Cambridgeshire County Council – Fostering and Adoption Service

0800 052 0078

Entertainment and Education
Arts Picturehouse Cambridge - Safe Space

Arts Picturehouse Cambridge

38-39 St Andrew’s St, Cambridge CB2 3AR, UK
+44 871 902 5720

Hot Numbers Coffee - Safe Space

Hot Numbers Coffee

5/6, Dales Brewery, Gwydir St, Cambridge CB1 2LJ


4 Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1QA, United Kingdom

+44 1223 300730

Rainbow Cafe - Safe Space

Rainbow Cafe

9A King’s Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SJ, United Kingdom

+44 1223 321551

Museum of Cambridge - Safe Space

Museum of Cambridge

2/3 Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AQ, United Kingdom

+44 1223 355159

Faith and Ethnicity
Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum

CECF is an umbrella organisation for Cambridge and district that provides racial equality services to individuals and groups.  CECF provides a cultural diversity service that helps promote an understanding between people from different ethnic groups and help them be a natural part of Cambridge life.

01223 655 241

National LGBT Organisations     supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends.  The Safra Project is a resource project working on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally (Muslim LBT women)  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Sikhs.   Jewish gay and lesbian group  National Quest for LGBT Catholics  Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement Young Lesbian and Gay Christians  Network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual members of the Church of England.    Christian Spirituality Group for Transgender People  The Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava association, information and support for GLBTI Vaishnavas and Hindus  A celebration of gay and lesbian Bahais A volunteer-led section of Humanists UK Lesbian Meditation network for lesbians who meditate or want to learn to meditate.  Naz Project London (NPL) provides sexual health and HIV prevention and support services to targeted Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in London. Gay Traveller resource and information site UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group

DHIVERSE is an HIV and Sexual Health Charity. Founded in 1986 in Cambridge, it has since then developed into one of the leading regional HIV organisations in the UK.
DHIVERSE works to prevent HIV and promote sexual health, to support people living with HIV, and to challenge the stigma and prejudice which still surrounds HIV and sexual health.

Office B, Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge CB1 2LJ
01223 508805

NHS Sexual Health Services (iCaSH Cambridgeshire)
iCaSH provide all the necessary support, information, treatment and care for all sexually transmitted infections and onward referral to specialist services where appropriate. They provide contraceptive advice and supplies including long acting methods (implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs) and emergency contraception.

0300 300 3030

Centre33 gives free support and information to young people (information in youth section).
Life Craft
Life Craft is a Cambridge based self-help organisation run by users and ex-users of mental health services. We provide social contact, weekly group activities and support, counselling, information, a website, quarterly newsletter and some opportunities for work.

01223 566957

Alzheimer’s Society: Talking Point
An online forum, offering support for Lesbian and gay people with dementia and their carers.

Click here to visit the forum.

Cruse (Cambridge)
Providing help for bereaved people.

01223 633536

Inclusion Cambridgeshire
Free and confidential support, advice and interventions to residents of Cambridgeshire over the age of 18 (and their families) affected by alcohol or drugs.

0300 555 0101

Cambridge Samaritans
Cambridge Samaritans exists to provide confidential emotional support to people in distress or despair in the city and surrounding area. You can phone us (24 hours on the national number), or visit the branch.

Usual hours open to receive callers:
10.30am- 10.00pm
Flat access to centre and disabled WC
08457 909090

Gay Men’s Health Charity
Terrence Higgins Trust
Terrence Higgins Trust is the leading and largest HIV and sexual health charity in the UK.

Health with Pride
Pace LGBT+ Mental Health Charity
ADT Healthcare

ADT Healthcare offers a free helpline dedicated to assisting women and families suffering from drug, alcohol and mental health problems. ADT Healthcare was established in 2011 by people who overcame addiction themselves.

0800 088 66 86

Cambridge City Council - Housing Department

Mandela House
4 Regent Street
Cambridge CB2 1BY

01223 457000

Castle Project - Richmond Fellowship

Provides supported housing for young people and community outreach.

01223 566737

Jimmy's night shelter

A Cambridge based charity that provides emergency accommodation for those who would otherwise be homeless.

1 East Road
Cambridge CB1 1BD

01223 576 085

Winter Comfort

A charity that supports those who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes.
Overstream House, Victoria Avenue,
Cambridge CB4 1EG

01223 518140

Stonewall Housing

Provides supported housing, advice and advocacy for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in London.

020 7359 6242 (main office)


Shelter’s website offers advice and support on housing and homelessness. Alternatively, for urgent advice, call their free helpline on 0808 800 4444.

Legal Advice
Woodfines Solicitors

Woodfines Solicitors

Woodfines Solicitors are a Safe Space understanding LGBTQ needs and embracing diversity in the community.

Lockton House, Clarendon Rd, Cambridge CB2 8FH, UK

+44 1223 411421

Centre 33

If you are a young person in Cambridgeshire up to the age of 25 and you want some information, advice or support, Centre 33 can help.  No matter how big or how small a problem you have, they are there to help.  They are used to talking to young people about all sorts of issues, including housing, sexual health, family problems, bullying – whatever is on your mind, it’s always OK to talk about it with them.

01223 316488

Hate Crime
The police

Always call 999 in an emergency.  If your call is not urgent, call 101.

You can also report an incident online here –

In Cambridgeshire there is a team of specially trained police officers who support victims of Hate Crime, to speak to someone from this team ask for the Community Cohesion Unit when you call the non-emergency number.

True Vision

True Vision is there to give you information about hate crime or incidents and how to report it.

Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK offer independent and confidential information, advice and support to anybody affected by LGB and T Hate Crime. This service is available 24 hours a day across England, Wales and Scotland and is currently funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

0808 801 0661


Galop works to prevent and challenge homophobic and transphobic hate crime in Greater London. They reduce crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and campaign for an improved criminal justice system.

Domestic Violence
Broken Rainbow

Broken Rainbow is the first and only UK organisation dedicated to confronting and eliminating domestic violence and abuse within and against the LGBT communities.

0300 999 5428 or 0800 999 5428

Cambridge Women's aid

Cambridge Women’s Aid is a charity working to end domestic violence against women and children


01223 460947

Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm

Out of hours emergency line:

07730 322098

Opening Times


Outreach and floating support:

01223 361214

Tue-Thu 10am-5pm


Survivors UK

A national Charity providing information, advice and counselling, for men who have been raped or sexually abused

020 3598 3898

Mankind Initiative

Confidential helpline for all men across the UK suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse by their current or former partner.

01823 334244

Fire Safety

The Fire & Rescue Service takes safety seriously. We do this by responding to incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but above all by helping the people of Cambridgeshire stay safe in their everyday life. Global campaigns to encourage households to install a fire alarm and test it regularly have already proved efficient at reducing fires and saving lives. Who walks into a home today, and doesn’t expect to find the familiar white box on the ceiling?

Because we feel this isn’t enough, and we know we can build on the public’s trust, we are also looking closer at the needs of the people we serve, and giving them the information and help they really need. This means building links with specific groups, and understanding why, where and when they are at risk. Then, we are able to deliver dedicated, effective support: children of school age will come and meet us during Megadrive events, when we can demonstrate how to stay safe on the road. We are also very active reaching out to the elder part of the community, offering advice on how to keep a safe home. One of our latest successes has been the Student Ambassador Scheme: College students volunteer to become Ambassadors, and work with our crew and Community Safety Officers to spread the message about being safe on campus.

LGBT people deserve the same respect and attention: you may be out and proud, or in the closet, or anywhere in the middle, we still want you to feel you can make that 999 call. Hopefully it will never come to that, and for most of you it won’t – for the moment, let’s talk: we’ve got a lot to learn from each other!

Want to know more? Visit for fire safety advice, and to request your free Home Safety Check (including free smoke alarm!), or come and visit us at the Fire Station on Parkside.

If you’re a group, you can even ask one of our Community Safety Officers to come and see you

Internet Safety

The internet can be a great way to meet people but there are some golden rules you need to stick to to make sure you stay safe.

SAFE – Staying safe involves being careful and not giving out your name, address, mobile phone no, school name or password to people online.
MEETING someone you have contacted in cyberspace can be dangerous. Only do so with your parent’s/carer’s permission, and only when they can be present.
ACCEPTING e-mails or opening files from people you don’t really know or trust can get you into trouble – they may contain viruses or nasty messages.
RELIABLE – Someone online maybe lying about who they are, and information you find on the Internet may not be reliable.
TELL your parent/carer or a good friend if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.

The main thing to remember is to never give out the following information to people you don’t know:

  • Age
  • Name
  • Address
  • Mobile/Phone number
  • Where you work or the name of your school
  • Pictures of yourself
  •  Bank details

For more info on using the internet and internet safety go to:

If you do decide to meet up with someone in person you can make it a safer experience if you:

  • Tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting.
  • Have a number in your speed dial for someone who could help you if things go wrong.
  • Have a codeword which you share with the person you tell where you are, so that they know if things are not good and can come rescue you!
  •  Always meet in a public place and somewhere you know!
  •  Check out and know your times for buses, trains and metro so you can make a sharp exit if need be.
  •  Make sure you feel able to say “no” to anything and able to say “I want to leave” before you go to meet them, if you’re not able to stand up for yourself you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position.
  •  Remember that meeting up with people can be fun and great friendships can form, you just have to make sure that you are safe!
Social Networks
Sister Act

Sister Act is a group for women who like women in the East Anglia region. We provide a monthly newsletter and hold regular events, including:

  • Weekly sports
  • Mums and Kids group
  • Summer BBQs
  • Book club
  • New Members’ Evenings
  • Older members’ group for those over the age of 50

….. plus a host of other trips and outings including walks, theatre, cinema, pubs and weekend breaks.

All Sister Act members can join our email group where you can keep up to date with the latest events, hot news topics and exchange messages with other members. All events are open to members and prospective members.

Contact or write to PO Box 294, Cambridge, CB4 1US

Interact - Support Group for Gay and Bisexual Men

The aim of Interact is to provide a safe and friendly space where you can talk about your experiences, find out about what ‘community’ events there are out there, and overcome any barriers you might experience in accessing the kind of social/support networks you want to be part of. We aim to hold a group/event at least once a month; details will always be on the DHIVERSE website.

01223 508805

Gay Outdoor Club

The Cambridge group generally walk on the 1st Sunday of each month. A friendly group that welcomes new members.

Cambridge site:

Where people can find out about our events nationally and also details of how to join the club.

Telephone Colin Barker 01763 262647

Meet Up Cambridge LGBT+ Group

The purpose of this group is to create an easy-going climate, where LGBT+ people can make new friends and form a local community and pursue social activities together.

Cambridge LGBT+ Group

Cambridge, GB
1,642 Members

Being LBGT+ in modern society is not the social issue it used to be, at least not on the surface… An important issue is finding a group of people with the same orientation a…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Diamonds Group

Diamonds is a social self-help group, based in Cambridge (UK), for transgendered people, transsexuals, transvestites, cross dressers, their friends and partners. The group holds weekly meetings at a variety of venues and have a Yahoo group tgcamb for daily updates.

Staff Networks
Cambridge University

The LGBT Network provides support and advice to LGBT staff at the University and acts as a forum for consultation between staff and the University’s governing body. In 2012 and 2013, the LGBT Staff Network won a Star Performer Network Group Award from Stonewall.

Cambridgeshire County Council

If you work for Cambridgeshire county council you may be interested in joining the staff network. You can join without having to come out at work. If you’re interested in social events, having a voice, contributing to policy feel free to join.

Just contact;

County LGBT Network

A new network of public sector LGBT groups from fire, police, ambulance, district councils, and the university are working together to support better staff networking, share good practice and support the community of LGBT people we all serve. Look out for the network posters in your work place or contact:
Policy officer
LGBT co chair


Cambridgeshire Constabulary NEXUS – LGBT Network has been supporting officers and staff for many years. Through the hard work of its members, often in their own time, we have made the Police Service a better place to work and changed practices to ensure everyone receives a fair and equal service.

Fire & Rescue

2010 saw the official creation of Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue  Service’s first LGBT network. More and more staff are comfortable being out at work, and with the full support of management, send the signal it is fine to be open about yourself. The group gathers regularly, as a dedicated meeting space, but also as a more informal social support. Members represent the Service at conferences and workshops, and are usually merrily visible at local events such as Pride or the Pink Festival.

For information on the staff network please contact: Equality and Diversity Adviser at HQ, Tel 01480 444537

National LGBT Links

For national organisations check out the LGBT Consortium’s directory here:

Travel Tips

For advice on where is safe to travel around the world and other travel tips such as airport navigation, read this guide: