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Black History Month 2020

Black Queer Creatives

Promoting a better quality of life for LGBT+ people in the Cambridgeshire area

Safer spaces

Safer Spaces is an innovative project within the LGBTQ community and, to our knowledge, a first of in the UK – and you can become a part of it! Wherever you see the ‘Safer Spaces’ logo in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Funding: The compot

The Community Pot (affectionately known as the ComPot) is a small amount of money that can be made available for distinct, local projects in the form of a one-off grant: want to start your own LGBTQ group and need help paying for a set of flyers?

History month

What could be better than Pride? Pride, stretched over a whole month! Each February, enjoy at least 28 days of pure, unadulterated celebration of LGBTQ life. The Councils are there, the Universities are there, the Fire Service and the Police are there.

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